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SEMPCheck, leading provider of Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) regulatory compliance solutions to the offshore oil and gas industry, has expanded its focus to provide Process Safety Management (PSM) solutions to onshore operators.

“The higher pressures and temperatures that characterize today’s oil patch have increased both the frequency and seriousness of accidents, and SEMPCheck is responding by offering our proprietary AFRM (Asset Failure Risk Management) Solution onshore,” said SEMPCheck President and CEO Archie Thompson.

“AFRM has helped the offshore industry meet or exceed regulatory compliance standards since the year 2000, including federally mandated Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) operating requirements imposed after the Macondo accident. Whether offshore or onshore, the risks are essentially the same,” Thompson said.

“We’ve been serving the onshore industry all along upon customer request and now are taking a more proactive approach in response to market demand,” Thompson explained, “and we’ve rebranded SEMPCheck to reflect that broader focus.”

AFRM identifies, documents, maintains, manages and ensures Best Practices and compliance with all required regulatory elements common to both PSM and SEMS, including employee and contractor involvement, incident prevention and tracking and auditing and Management of Change (MOC) requirements.

“Basically, what we do at SEMPCheck is help companies keep product in the pipe by minimizing the risk of mechanical failure, protecting employees and contractors while ensuring they follow all EH&S and operating requirements, and managing our clients’ compliance with complex and potentially expensive federal and state regulations,” Thompson said.

“And in today’s low oil and gas price environment, we offer a cost-effective alternative to maintaining a large and expensive in-house EH&S department,” Thompson said. “I founded SEMPCheck over 14 years ago to manage all the headaches of regulatory compliance so that operators could focus on what they do best, which is to find and produce oil and gas.”

The company has updated its logo and created a new web site,, to reflect its broader market focus.

SEMPCheck is the only company combining proven expertise with proprietary solutions to prevent assets from becoming liabilities. This is accomplished through real-time performance monitoring of critical equipment, personnel and contractors to drive Best Practices and ensure regulatory compliance. SEMPCheck’s vision is to be recognized as the premier contributor to the development and measurement of standards of operational excellence.

The company has offices in Houston and Lafayette, Louisiana.

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